Javi’s Perfect Bb-Blow-dry Oct06


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Javi’s Perfect Bb-Blow-dry


A good blow-dry should last 2-3 days,

so invest the time

to get it right on day one!


SWH Team’s Javi helps you achieve it.


The first step is to prepare the hair before drying so your blow-dry will be glossy, bouncy and long-lasting…

  • Shampoo and condition the hair thoroughly, paying particular attention to the scalp and roots when cleansing.
  • Protect while drying with Bb Prep to leave hair nourished and balanced.
  • Apply All Style Blow-dry Creme to protect against heat damage and extend the life of the blow-dry – it has micro-fine oil-absorbing powder.
  • Spritz with Thickening Hairspray for extra root lift and hold.


How you use and position the dryer throughout the blow-dry is crucial to get volume and a smooth finish…13775780_10153895150079426_5578644807707320483_n

  • At first, use the dryer without the nozzle and on the highest heat and speed setting until the hair is 80% dry.
  • Turning your head upside-down will encourage body.


Choosing the right brush will determine whether you get the blow-dry style you’re after…

  • Round brushes help create lift at the root and add a natural wave to the lengths and ends.
  • Flat, paddle brushes are good for straight, sleek styles.


Section the hair to ensure the hair is evenly dry and styling is consistent…

  • Replace the nozzle on your hairdryer to style the hair as it dries.
  • Select the appropriate brush and section the hair off into 1” wide sections, working horizontality to the crown and vertically up to the parting.
  • Ensure damp hair is sectioned well away from the dry and work up methodically from the nape, smoothing and creating shape.


The final stage13407141_1642590949400238_8535131021831433912_n of the drying process is where the shaping of the style happens…

  • As you style with the brush, follow the brush with the dryer in unison.
  • Maintain the tension in the hair and the rotate brush as you brush it down and through the hair.
  • Repeat 4-5 times through each sections, lifting up at the root before smoothing down the hair.
  • Hold the hair taught around the brush barrel for a few second to set the contour.
  • Give it a quick shot of cold air with the dryer, then gently release to finish and set each section.
  • Repeat throughout all the sections to complete, making sure the hair is 100% dry otherwise it won’t hold.


swh-javier-encina-jones-lct15-finalDon’t forget to finish your style so it lasts all day and requires minimum maintenance.

  • Finish with the tiniest amount of Hairdressers’ Invisible Oil for lightweight polish and to control fly-aways.
  • Pump just a couple of small drops into your palm and work between your hands so you can distribute it through the hair evenly and leaving a superfine coating.
  • Run your open hand though the hair with a slow, tousling action to separate and cool the hair – when the hair is hot it is malleable and when the hair is cooled that is when the shape is set.
  • Finally, to keep the hair fresh for longer, I always recommend using Dryspun Finish – a translucent dry-spray that adds instant fullness and texture to gently waft the hair into an airy silhouette.
  • Fix with a fine mist of hairspray if you want a little extra hold, but keep it light!